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Hello Everyone

Allow me to introduce SISELE.

SISELE (“Grandmother” in Halq’eméylem) represents the spirit of all Grandmothers, including our Grandmother Nanny/Tilly Andrew, Mother of 17 children, from the Spô'zêm and Stô:lo Nations.

SISELE has come to guide us because of Sam Tsuruda (she/they).  Spiritually guided by her great Grandmother Tilly and the wisdom of all Grandmothers, Sam has passionately dedicated her working career to bringing betterment to indigenous Communities in the area of public health and education. She inspired me and others to think bigger, do more and offer our best efforts in a good way.

I continue to offer my best efforts alongside the talent and experience of our team of directors and partners; bringing together good people with great ideas to create relevant and bankable business and social economic options for interested Nations seeking the same.

Our biggest joy is created by bringing the energies and experience of both younger and older generations together to solve human challenges and create solutions that matter. We honour all our Indigenous Matriarchs and Leaders who fought for our survival, thrivance and privilege to do more.

Those of you who may know me, know I've been promoting to all 634 plus Indigenous Communities and to all our Hereditary Chiefs and Leaders in Canada, "if you approve the economic activities in your territories, own or co-own the economic activities you approve".

Further encouraged by the needs of Communities and Nations, we've been drawn to seek and introduce good people with proven financeable business experience and solutions to address both their wants and needs  - these may include clean water, smart housing, food sovereignty, retailing goods and services, high-speed internet, learning IT platforms, discount fuel, clean energy and countless other employment projects.

The Nation Group of Companies exists to connect the right people with proven business solutions and combine them with bank financing to offer Nations economic options that may be meaningful and suitable for their Communities and Nations. All the business and social economic options we promote offer special benefits.

Thank you all for your continued interest and involvement in bringing practical betterment options to Communities and Nations.

Be safe, be healthy, be well

- Dale

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